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Music Monday

Lately we have been listening to lots of new music and poking around YouTube for some new and interesting finds, which leads us to our first video!

This ones from Alessia Rio with a unique and amazing cover of ‘Stubborn Love’ by The Lumineers! Its awesome to see Alessia taking a different approach in covers with her ‘Ukelele Sessions’.

This next video is from one of our favourites, The Como Brothers Band. ‘Late Nights’ is set to be another smash hit for these guys and is the second song released off of their upcoming album ‘Baby Steps’ which will be available October 1st!!

For the last video stay tuned to the site as we have a special announcement coming!!


Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

So lots to talk about!! You could say our recent hiatus was our vacation for the year!! But with this post comes an awesome milestone! It’s our birthday!! It has been 1 successful year and year 2 will not disappoint. Exactly one year ago we sat down and wrote out 7 goals, which have all been achieved and surpassed by a long shot. For this we are extremely grateful, without you guys we’re just randoms posting stuff on the internet. From the bottom of our hearts thanks a million for helping us make our dreams come true! This year we want to really give back to our awesome audience. How will we do this? Easy many many many contests and giveaways, however our big news are in two events we have been planning for quite some time now but unfortunately you will have to wait a little while longer before these get released!!


The MarchToTheBeat Team

Digital Dreams Wrap Up

For those of you that were in attendance this past weekend you would understand why this post is coming in the afternoon on a Wednesday! Not only are we finally catching up on our sleep and regaining feeling back in our legs but we are also going through some serious Digital withdrawal!  However if you were not at Ontario Place this Canadian long weekend then you missed one amazing party! With a record attendance of 50 000+, 3 stages and some of the worlds best DJ’s it was definitely a digital dream! (We thought of this half way through our Saturday, kind of cheesy but we liked it)

The actual festival itself was top notch, from sound and lighting to staff and security it was all at the top of its class!

Notable Sets:

TJR – Playing a variety of styles TJR easily became a fan favorite and set the night up beautifully for the DJ’s to follow!

Dillon Francis – Bringing a mix of trap, dubstep and everything in between Dillon had the crowd bouncing through his entire set!

Other great sets this weekend included; Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Lazy Rich, Flosstradamus, Porter Robinson and Richie Hawtin.

Most played tracks of the weekend:

Martin Garrix – Animals http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCYcHz2k5x0

Krewella – Alive (Cash Cash Remix) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1IaGRdotRA

Knife Party – LRAD  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qC9KwujVtQ


It’s tough to put it all in words really, our best recommendation is start preparing for next year as it will no doubt be even bigger and better!! I’m sure we could nit pick and find a way to point out something wrong with this festival but after this past weekend its safe to say that Digital Dreams deserves a 10/10!!!

Keep an eye out on the Digital Dreams website for the official after movie as well as buy some last minute merch if you missed your chance at the festival. Also head to itunes to pick up a copy of the official Digital Dreams soundtrack mixed by Toronto’s own Dzeko & Torres!!!

Till next time,

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat!


Digital Dreams Preview!!

With this being the largest festival we have covered to date we are going all out!! We usually have a one or two man team on site for these festivals but this time around we added some insurance and have a third with us! So what can you guys expect; coverage from multiple areas of the festival, interviews with some of the biggest names in EDM and if you find us in the crowd or the media areas, one hell of a party!

With 3 stages to choose from here is a list of our must sees!!


Jelo                3-4

Lazy Rich    5-6

TJR                6-7

Killabits       Saturday time TBA (looking like 7:30-8:30)

Zomboy      8:30-9:30

Excision      10:45-12:00



Dzeko & Torres      3-4

Alvaro                      5-6

Flosstradamus      7-8:30

Mark Knight           7:30-9

Dillon Francis        8:30-9:30

Wolfgang Gartner   9:15-10:30

Tiesto                        10:30-12:00

And if you’re feeling like going all out then head to Guverment afterwards for Benny Benassi And Cazzette!!!


We hope everyone has an awesome and safe weekend!! If you see anyone wearing a MarchToTheBeat shirt be sure to say hi we will be giving away stuff during the festival!!



Sound Of Music Wrap-up

Our Sound of Music was an absolute blast!! This being our first time their we had no clue what to expect and it did not disappoint! From the fans, to the staff, to the bands it was an incredible experience.

Our Saturday began with a stroll onto the brand new Burlington pier! Even at 12:30 the festival was already rocking. 20130615_202001

Thousands were already out there enjoying a beautiful day and ready for the great music to get underway at 1:00.

Kicking off our day of music were the very talented Balconies! There 40 minute set was relentless and as every song passed more and more people gathered around to hear lead singer Jacquie Neville do her thing! If this band is ever playing in your area get out and see them because they will blow your mind. Their set flew by and with a bow to the crowd they were gone and the stage was being set for Ill Scarlet.



After a few technical difficulties setting up the drum kit it was not long before Ill Scarlet’s multi genre sound was ringing through your ears. This was our first time seeing the band and having grown up to a bunch of their songs it was awesome to jump around and join in on the craziness with the crowd!

20130615_143554 20130615_141449

That’s not one of us but it paints a better picture of what was happening behind us the whole show! After the band played their last song and a fan favorite ‘Mary Jane’ it was time for the crowd to recuperate the best way they knew how. Head to the beer garden and refuel for USS!!

After an initial 4 hours of music and sun it was time for a break for us, after getting some food in us and a bit of a rest we came back for the main event of the day, LIGHTS!

Closing out the night, her one hour set was amazing! Covering her hits, new songs, acoustic ballads, edm influences, she had it all! It kept the crowd of thousands on hand rocking and entertained.

20130615_214911 20130615_215033 20130615_215149


The clock struck 11 but Burlington and The Sound Of Music had one more thing up their sleeve! A spectacular firework show off the brand new pier. This was one of the longest firework shows we have ever seen and it was beautiful! Definitely a fitting way to wrap up our experience!



We would like to say thank you to The Sound of Music for an awesome opportunity and an amazing time!! We cannot wait until next year!!


MarchToTheBeat :)


I’ll start by saying that I will do my best to leave biases out of this whole topic! Also if you have yet to see Taylor Swift’s Red tour there will be spoilers in here so please stop reading now!

First off I’ll dive right into the show! From start to finish the sold out Rogers Center crowd of 45, 000 people was deafening loud. Especially since a great portion of them were girls under the age of 16 with the highest pitched screams you will ever here. I was almost hoping at points Taylor wouldn’t say Toronto because following that word would come a tidal wave of ear piercing shrieks! But nevertheless our ears survived and enjoyed Taylor’s 18 song set. Mainly covering Red, Taylor used a lot of dialog to help eat away at her two hour time slot for the evening. Lets just jump right into the breakdown for her first of two shows in Toronto:

The Good:

– Crowd and atmosphere!! The place was rocking all night. I am a sucker for fans screaming lyrics, clapping and all that and tonight she had 45, 000 chiming in on her act which was incredible!

– Apparently in her meet and greet earlier in the day a fan requested a song off her first album which Taylor ended up playing. That song was ‘Tim Mcgraw’!!! Whoever this fan was I love you!

– Entertainment Value, the show was definitely a spectacle! Numerous outfit changes, dancers, transforming stages, fireworks; you name it the visuals were never lacking!

The Bad:

– It might just be me but it seemed like sometimes Taylor was doing this weird cocky stare at the crowd for minutes at a time and it just felt awkward! The girl beside me even commented by yelling ‘Just Start Singing’. I get the effect she was going for but doing it every three songs was getting very annoying!

– Wayyy to much dialog! Every song was introduced in the most scripted and cheesy way that would always end with her completing her sentence with the song title. In a two hour time slot if she would have cut half the dialog she could have easily fit in another 2 or 3 songs!

The Ugly:

– The Sound System!!! This is out of Taylor’s control but it did not do her any favors! There was a massive echo towards the back of the rogers center and it became really annoying as the show went on!


This show had something for everyone! Endless amounts of Pop, a bit of country and a surprisingly heavy bass during ‘Trouble’ which had me feeling like I was watching a dub step show for a few minutes there! All in all her dire fans will love this tour, her regular fans will enjoy it and people like me will have a good night out! For me I am happy to see that the line has finally been drawn between pop and country for her and she can no longer cross back into the country world! Don’t get me wrong her first album is and will always be one of my favorite country albums but no one can try and tell me that either of her last two albums were country! That being said you can’t talk about the music industry without bringing up Taylor Swift because like it or not she is arguably the biggest star across all genres of music and has put up numbers that this industry has not seen for many years, so for that you have to congratulate her!

This is a topic that always brings up a good debate and one I love talking about so please feel free to comment or email in any thoughts, points, arguments, anything really!! We would love to hear them!!


The Masquerade Announce Ep Release Date

After releasing their debut single “Set Your Mind To It,” The Masquerade have announced that their debut EP “Home Is Where You Make It” will be released on June 18th. The EP will feature 4 tracks including previously released songs “Set Your Mind To It” and “Best Day Of My Life.”

Below is the official artwork and tracklisting for the EP. The EP will be available for purchase on iTunes.

Home Is Where You Make It Track List
1. All My Life
2. Set Your Mind To It
3. Back Up Plan
4. Best Day of My Life

Home Is Where You Make It

Be sure to mark your calendars and pick up a copy on the 18th!!! But to keep you tied over till then head to the link to listen to ‘Best Day Of My Life’!


Fruttare Contest!!!

We wanted to take a few minutes to tell everyone that our very own Stephen Cozza has entered the Fruttare blogging contest!! You may not know but you would be very familiar with his work if you’ve read a lot of our stuff!! Help Stephen in his quest of becoming a finalist and ultimately Fruttare’s next blogger!! You can vote for him at the link below!!



MarchToTheBeat Team



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